Money Spell How To

Money Spells #1. A simple money spell that you can use to obtain a specific amount of money, find employment, attract customers to a business.

Whatever you desire, focus on the 1 (one) goal and use this spell as a template!

You will need: 1 green candle (can substitute either yellow or even the all-purpose “white” candle).

Cinnamon incense (or any other money-attractor incense) and holder.

Chamomile (tea)

Bowl where you have poured boiled water and added some of the chamomile to infuse it.


Pen/pencil to write your petition (goal) and a piece of paper (can be torn from a brown paper bag or plain white paper).

Optional: also add something that symbolizes “celebration” to you – because as part of the spell you are going to celebrate you already “got” the desires of your heart. I use champagne in this example but you can use anything that you equate with celebrations of important accomplishments.

Tips: after the candle finishes burning you can simply dispose of any remaining wax in the trash – or do as I did, keep a bit of it on your altar as a reminder that you have put into action into the universe your desires.

Then go out there and put some ACTION behind your spell! If seeking employment and lighting this candle for employment the very next day start handing out your resume and applying for jobs.

If its’ a business learn new marketing methods and put them into practice to so as to attract new customers. Etc.

Note: this was a live presentation of an actual spell I cast for myself.


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