Hi, my name is Bella Isis, and I am the founder of LearnSpellCasting.org (and formerly of “learnspellcasting.com” – I sold that domain).

I will turn 70 on August 30, 2022. For the past 50 years, I have been casting powerful spells that have changed peoples’ lives.

I started the Youtube channel “LearnSpellCasting” to teach and empower people to cast spells themselves.

You really do not need to pay anyone to manifest your dreams, goals and desires! Yes, this is coming from a retired psychic and spell caster!

However, the reason why you “might” need help – is because you are stuck.

You are stuck in limiting beliefs about yourself.

This “blocks you” from breaking the glass that stands in the way of you and your desires!

But do you know what else I discovered during these 50 years?

The most powerful spell on earth, cannot break that glass wall – if you remain “stuck”.

I have united people who had broken up for a decade or even longer – only to have the client say 2 months later – they got together but later broke up due to the “same” problems resurfacing.

When I dug deeper and asked “why” or “what happened” – the client would confess it was their fault (insecurities, not trusting their partner due to the past, etc…).

See? I too have finally come to realize, that the true magic – is within YOU!

So, if I can help you see, recognize and experience the “god/goddess” already inside of you – then you won’t need any other spell – ever again.


YOU will be the living, breathing “magic”!

Please let me help you while I am still in the body on earth.

That is my mission now, to help you BE the “magic”.

Get an “Assessment” today, or join the 1-on-1 self-paced, learning “Course” to let your inner divinity – out!

Bella Isis