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As of November 21, 2021:

Sponsorship & Collaboration Opportunities for December 2021 through December 2022

Are you interested in featuring your product/service on the popular Youtube Channel “LearnSpellCasting”?

If so, lets’ collaborate!

Product Demonstration/Review Offer:

Personalized video creation and permanent* display on Youtube channel “LearnSpellCasting” that features your product, how to use it and recommendation if it is good for beginners, intermediate or advance spell casters/psychics, etc…)

Bella Isis will personally create the video demonstrating your product, and send you the video to “approve” before uploading (important: please see a note about “REVISIONS” in the Terms of Service at the bottom of this page).

I will include all details about your product/service including but not limited to:

  • Product Name (useful for when someone is looking for reviews about it in the search engines).
  • Your Company Name
  • Author / Service Provider Name (Yours or someone elses you provide)
  • In-depth product review. At least 15 minutes up to 1 hour (see pricing below)
  • Link to buy it in both the video (text link) as well as the Youtube description content box.
  • Positive and natural review (meaning spoken in my own words for authenticity). If the product gave me problems, I will not upload the review, but send the link to you to discuss by email any problems I had. I will not post “negative reviews”. If something goes wrong – I will only tell you, so hopefully the issue can be fixed and re-visited if you resend the items for a “fresh” look.
  • I will say in the video all the positive elements, features and benefits in wording you provide, and also type it in the content description box. (Great for search engines!)
  • I will do the demonstration in the video per your instructions.

Why its’ a “win-win” for both You and I?

  1. You get a PERMANENT link boosting your search engine results so whenever your potential customer searches for you or your item, they see a positive real review on Youtube. (Permanent because the video will stay up forever, unless you request for it to be removed – or if Youtube(TM) requests for it to be removed. See Terms of Service for more details.).
  2. Your video review is available to be seen by the channels’ 97,500 and growing subscriber base and also on Google (since Google both owns Youtube and shows Youtube video results in the search engines).
  3. You can use the video for your other marketing promotions. I do not charge “exclusivity” for the content provided.
  4. I get “free content” for my Youtube channel!
  5. I receive compensation the time and production value.

How It Works:

  1. Select which option from “Exclusive” video to “Non-Exclusive” below.
    Exclusive videos = the entire video products shown are only YOURS.
    Non-Exclusive videos = video shows different company products, not comparing one to another, but *might include different categories of products from a competitor. (Example: your company sends me a candle, a competitor of yours may send me incense. Both companies names, links and products are shown in the same video).
  2. Make payment. You will be automatically “redirected” to a page to provide details for your product you wish to feature (what you want me to point out, instructions, make comments and communicate with me online via a support ticket system where you can track my responses.
  3. Ship item(s). After your payment, you will see our ship-to address to send your items. Please pack it securely to avoid damage in transport. If your item(s) arrive damaged or broken, a video of it will be emailed to you exclusively (never shown to anyone else) to remedy the issue by resending another. WE DO NOT RETURN ITEMS, EVEN IF DAMAGED. All shipping charges are your responsibility. (Please see “Terms of Service” at the bottom of this page)
  4. Video Creation. We create the video demonstration/review of your product. Your items will be unpacked on video and/or demonstrated with positive feedback within 7 to 10 days of its’ receipt in new condition. Video lengths depends on your item, whether exclusive or not, and begins at minimum 15 minutes up to 1 hour (depending on what the product(s) are and what you want featured about them in the video).
  5. You Approve Video. We will send to your company the “unlisted” link of the video for your final approval before uploading. Important: while Bella Isis is fine with making revisions at no additonal cost, bear in mind, that if say you send us only 1 candle, and it is lit during the initial video for approval – and you want us to say something different or do something different WE CANNOT MAKE REVISIONS WHEN AN ITEM IS ALREADY USED. To be safe, please send multiple candles or other items that will be used in the video, in case you want a revision. (See “Terms of Service” below for more details).
  6. Final Approved Video is made “Public”. Once you have approved the video, the video will be made “Public” within 24 hours. (Usually the same day but this time estimate is in case the Youtube servers are down, or uploading is slow). No further revisions will be made to that specific video. It is public and will remain online until you till us to remove it in writing for any reason.

That is all there is to it!

I hope I have made this clear. If you have any questions, first refer to the “T.O.S” below, or contact me using the following form”

Questions? Fill out the form here:


Make Payment

Option #1: Non-Exclusive Video = for 1 item or group of items (i.e. a spell kit), Fee: $108 per requested video. (The video remains online and you can reuse in your marketing efforts in perpetuity at no additional cost to you.) Note: Youtube Ads will be shown on the video.

Option #2: Exclusive Video = only your items/products in the video, no other competitor. Fee: $275 per requested video. (The video remains online and you can reuse in your marketing efforts in perpetuity at no additional cost to you.) Note: Youtube Ads will be shown on the video.

Option #3: No Youtube Ads Addon
= if you prefer that we disable showing Youtube ads from appearing in your product reviews/demonstration, this is an optional addon to cover the cost of our advertising revenue loss on the channel since your video will remain permanently on the channel, unless otherwise requested for removal by you or Youtube (we always have to oblige to Youtube (TM) as they own the platform). Fee: $999 non-refundable unless Youtube requires us to remove the video. Only if Youtube platform & Owners requires us in writing to remove your video is this addon fee eligible for a refund.


Terms of Service

Video Production Time Frame: 7 to 10 business days after receipt of your product(s)/item(s) in new condition. Please add extra days if you have to re-ship the item(s) due to damage in transportation to us.

Payment: if you are a sponsor or collaborating with us for the very first time, all payments are due in full and are non-refundable (except for the addon to keep Youtube ads from being seen during your video. * See more eligibility details below).

After your first video sponsorship or collaboration, you can make a 50% deposit, and pay the 50% balance within 14 business days after your video has gone “Public” on Youtube.

Refunds: ALL SALES ARE FINAL, with the exception of the optional addon to remove all Youtube advertisements from displaying through your video – and only IF, for any reason Youtube asks us in writing to remove your video.

Youtube is the platform we will show your video on, and we must comply by their rules and guidelines. Only in those circumstances can the addtional option fee to not show any other advertisements will be refunded upon request.

Revisions: Bella Isis will say what you desire to state about your product in the demonstration/review of your products in her “own words”. If you wish her to state key points, she will, but it is highly recommended to allow Bella Isis to express things in her own way – to add to the authenticity of her opinions.

Never will any “negative feedback” be stated in your “Public” video. If there is a problem, Bella Isis and LearnSpellCasting.org will make known to you privately via written email communication. If the problem is NOT remedied, we cannot upload nor display your video until the problem is fixed.

Acceptable Items: We are an online occult/spiritual/new age and metaphysical community, and the following items are sought and encouraged for demonstrations/reviews:

  • Altars, shrines, statues (please pack securely to avoid damage in shipping).
  • Candles of all shapes and sizes. (Note: if displaying sexually suggestive items such as “penis shaped” candles, we will have to comply with Youtube (TM)’s guidelines and “age-restrict” your video, to avoid them taking it offline.)
  • Crystals
  • Curios (lodestones for example)
  • Occult perfumes, oils, soaps, aerosoles (if it is legal for you to ship via Post Office, please verify), herbs, etc.
  • Spell kits
  • Tarot cards, oracles, divination sets.

Anything else that you think my audience may like to see to help the cast a spell, make money, get revenge, breakup, curse, protection spells, prayers, etc…

If there is something not mentioned above, please use the form above to contact me or via the Contact page.

Bella Isis




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