Sometimes I accept Amazon e-gift cards as full or partial payment because some of the items I need are sold on Amazon, I have Amazon prime and do not have to go out to purchase it for your rituals.

I am an old lady with mobility issues (I have osteoarthritis in the hips) and while I love walking, it is sometimes painful – even with medicines.

Plus, many clients from around the world do not have access to Paypal.

As an added benefit, there is no tax when doing so.

But please be advised, that it is only available for SOME things (I cannot accept it as payment if I do have to order special herbs, oils, etc… from a vendor that doesn’t have an Amazon shop).

So please contact me “first”, to see if I can accept it as payment for your ritual or service.

If you ever want to pay via an Amazon e-Gift card, this is an option!

Bella Isis