Free Tarot Reading – On Youtube

Receive a FREE tarot reading on Youtube!

Here’s what to do:

Step #1: Make sure you are Subscribed and have the Notifications turned on (the little Bell) on my other Youtube channel “Tarot Bella” – click here. (I will check, so please do subscribe)

Step #2: Fill out the form below. Use a “fake” name in the box to make sure to remain “anonymous” but jot down your fake name so you remember it! Add others’ real name for the reading – I will NOT say their names but refer to them as “she/he”.

    TarotBella 1 Question Free Reading Form

    Please limit to just 1 question. If you type anything else, I will ignore it! (This is just so I can do more than 1 reading. If you want a private reading, head over to Services)

    Remember, I cannot give any health, financial or legal advice. Any questions containing these will be "skipped". Please seek the appropriate professionals to answer those types of questions.

    Terms of Service: Important! By submitting your question to Bella Isis of you agree to allow her to read your question on Youtube and post it on her Website without any compensation to her or for you. You also agree you are 18 years old or older.

    I will do the readings on a “first come, first serve” basis – and if you have the notification bell turned on, you will know when I upload the video there!

    Thank you for your support – also, I have a new TIKTOK @learnspellcasting – follow me if you are on TikTok and lets’ get to 1000 followers so I can live stream there too! 🙂