How Long To See Results

Love Spells normally take time. In real life, things do not normally happen “instantly” as they do in the witchcraft movies shown on TV and in the movies. Most pagans believe through experience, that spells generally take anywhere from one lunar cycle (28 days) up to one year, for results to be seen. Although, there have been cases where you can see results within 24 hours – but this is not the norm.

Sometimes, (depending on the complexity and obstacles of your desire) you might have to either repeat the spell or do another one. One spell might not be enough.

However, your instinct (or experience) will tell you of the efficacy of the spell after a reasonable time has passed. On the other hand, it is not necessary to constantly do spells. If you are not seeing any results after 2 or 3 attempts, this is usually a sign that their are many obstacles (some even placed by the gods themselves) and perhaps this person really is not meant for you (at this time anyway).