Love Spells Ethics

There is much debate in the pagan community about the ethics of love spells. If you read my page “Truth About Love Spells”, you will note that I said love spells are manipulative.

But how much so depends on the intentions of the spell caster. Here are some examples:

Slightly manipulative ~

You are single, seeking to find true love. You do not have any person in mind, but cast a spell to find your perfect mate. You are sending a “signal” to someone out there in the universe to come to you.

You are deliberately removing any pending obstacles that have impeded this person from already being in your life and request that they arrive soon. You are thereby “manipulating” time and space.

Moderately manipulative ~

You met someone at a party. They were charming and you really felt a connection. But for business, career, school or whatever reason, it is impossible for you and that person to spend more time together.

You cast a spell to “cross paths” with them again and bring both of you together for a relationship.

You use that persons’ name and concentrate on them. You are therefore, changing both of your destinies – even though it seems “innocent” enough.

Very manipulative ~

You and your ex-lover have parted ways. You still want that person back. You cast a “return lover” spell on them. You are impairing the psychic judgment of your lover and manipulating them magickally to return to you. This is very manipulative indeed!

The question is, is it wrong? Well, let me put it this way, you are responsible for ALL the effects of the spell – both good and bad.

When you cast any spell, you are manipulating the universe to do your will. Without knowing it (or maybe you are aware), you are changing the destiny and lives of many people!

Here’s how:

In the first example: you just want to spend more time with the person you met at the party. Through circumstance, you are unable to so you cast a spell.

Perhaps, by doing so, you are preventing that persons’ true soul mate from meeting them for awhile.

You are also preventing YOUR soul mate from reaching you! And furthermore, you probably are giving someone else an opportunity to get involved with both of your real soul mates, causing delays all around! See what I mean?

Love spells are not “bad” or “wrong” – they are very powerful!

Are you willing to take responsibility?