To Thine Own Self Be True

Ask yourself

What do I really want?

Do you want him/her back because you TRULY love em and cannot live without them – or is it because they HURT your ego and you want them back so that the OTHER doesn’t have them/to punish them/to subjugate them to YOUR will?

This is a key question that must be addressed BEFORE casting a spell. If you are honest with yourself in answering the question – your spell will work GUARANTEED!

Many people lie to themselves when casting a spell.

I keep telling folks, the reason why spells work is because they tap into a CLEAR goal.

Let me give you an example:

You are dating someone, and out of the blue – they leave you or WORSE – they are cheating on you with someone else while still being with you.

Your emotions range from deep sadness to anger from the betrayal. “How dare they leave you or cheat on you!”

You try any solution, from talking to them, to having sex with them – even though you are angry – trying to get them to FEEL love for you.

Nothing works.

So, you google or go to Youtube and type “love spells to bring him/her back”. Or you search for a “break up spell”.

That is perfectly fine, there is nothing wrong with you seeking a solution to your problems.

But the thing with spells is – they give you EXACTLY what you want – nothing more, and nothing less.

So why do spells not seem to work when you cast them?

Think of a spell-like missile. You need to PROGRAM it with a clear destination/goal – otherwise, they won’t hit the target!

Only 1 hit the target!

Only 1 missile hit the target in the above photo. This is what I mean: if you are not CLEAR in what the TRUE goal of your spell is – it will not hit the bullseye.

So, if for example your partner cheats on you or leaves you for another – you must be honest with yourself and figure out if you want them back because your ego is hurt – or, if its because you cannot live with out them and they are your soulmate!

That will determine the actual goal of the spell!

Its’ not just casting a breakup spell and love spell combo to bring them back. So what if they come back? What is your REAL goal here?

Do you want them back to punish them for their betrayal of your trust and feelings for them? Do you want them back because you love them so much you feel that you cannot be happy without them? Or, is it a little bit of BOTH?

For your spells to work – you must be 1000% honest with yourself. What is the main goal of the spell? What do you REALLY truly want to happen? Why even bother with a spell?

There are over a billion people on planet earth today – why is it so important for you to get that 1 person back in your life?

When you answer that question – without being “judgy” on yourself, then you are ready to cast a spell that will WORK because it has a clear goal to go after!

Want to cast a spell without being judged for your true motivations? We specialize in those!

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