Truth About Love Spells

Here are some truths about spells for love:

  1. Love spells really work! That is why you probably have seen many warnings about them!
  2. Love Spells take time. In real life, things do not normally happen “instantly” as they do in the witchcraft movies shown on TV and in the movies. Most pagans believe through experience, that spells generally take anywhere from one lunar cycle (28 days) up to one year, for results to be seen. Although, there have been cases where you can see results within 24 hours – but this is not the norm.
  3. Sometimes, (depending on the complexity and obstacles of your desire) you might have to either repeat the spell or do another one. One spell might not be enough. However, your instinct (or experience) will tell you of the efficacy of the spell after a reasonable time has passed. On the other hand, it is not necessary to constantly do spells. If you are not seeing any results after 2 or 3 attempts, this is usually a sign that their are many obstacles (some even placed by the gods themselves) and perhaps this person really is not meant for you (at this time anyway).
  4. Love Spells are manipulative. You are using your will, energies and vibrations from the tools, herbs, candles, etc… and that of divinity (if you are asking gods/goddesses for help) to cause/sometimes even “force” a desired effect. Whether you are naming someone specifically or asking the universe for a “perfect” mate, you are still manipulating the universe to get your desired effect. The degree of manipulation is up to you.
  5. Love Spells do not create “real” love. At their best, love spells create a “chance” for love, an “opportunity” for the person to reevaluate you in the most positive light, even to begin to think of the possibility of You as their mate. At their worst, love spells cause “confusion”, suspending the persons’ natural thoughts about you, and superimposing a “fake” idea that they love you. I’m sorry to say, but true love (the kind we all wish for) is a gift from the person. If you attempt to “force” them to love you, then it is no longer freely given – and it is no longer real love. Further, love spells do not guarantee “happiness”.
  6. You must follow-up love spells with mundane actions. Creating and doing a spell is not enough. You must do things in the “natural world” too. For example, if you did a spell to meet your soul mate – it will probably be easier (and faster) to meet him or her if you go out of your home, bathe, brush your teethe, etc…