Breakup Spells

Break Up Spells / Divorce Spells / Spells To Separate

A breakup spell, divorce spell is a spell to “separate” couples, friends, etc…

Break up spells get a “bad rap” – as they are seen as negative, manipulation and black magick. (Magick is neither “black nor white” those terms are the same as a “little white lie” or being “a little pregnant”. Magick is whatever your intentions are and will depend on how it affects others!).

Sometimes you need to cast a break up spell to:

  • End your own relationship peacefully.
  • When someone needs a “nudge” to let go of a harmful relationship.
  • To protect someone you love.
  • To protect your relationship from an outsider interfering.
  • And also to STEAL someones’ lover/friend etc…

Lets’ be real – all spells are manipulative because you are imposing YOUR will.

“… as I will it, so it is.” Is a popular saying (that’s what the “so mote it be” means when you read Wiccan text).

The main issue I have is that for example, I have Youtube videos under LearnSpellCasting channel that shows perfectly functioning spells to break up a couple, but then get comments and questions about if its’ OK to use on their own relationship.

Some of those spells I teach in those videos are to cause “arguing” in the couple. Why on earth would you want to cast a spell in your own relationship that causes strife and arguments?

What I see is that people are not using common sense. They cast any ole spell they find in a book or online and then wonder why their lives got messed up!

Always ask questions! Never call on spirits or entities without doing research!

And better than that – if you are a novice HIRE, someone, to cast your spell!

I know everyone likes “free” – but you can seriously mess things up even worse than they are by casting the wrong spell!

So, either save your money to be able to afford someone or learn EVERYTHING about a spell before casting it (making sure it is a good “fit” for what your goals are).

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