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Custom Spell Casting

Please select from the following choices:

Single Cast = your spell is cast once, results typically may take up to 4 to 6 weeks to manifest. One-time cost $97.

Triple Cast = your spell is cast for three consecutive days and results may manifest within 1 lunar cycle (new moon to full moon, approximately 28 days from having cast.). One-time cost $197.

Note: all time-frames are only to give you an idea, your specific circumstances may take less or more time (discussed in the email).

Single Cast


Triple Cast


Privacy Notice:

To protect your privacy, your bank or credit card statement will show a purchase for a “Consultation” – not spell casting.

All information is kept private and confidential and only used to cast your spell (deleted off computer after it is cast).

Important: After your payment, please contact me to provide the details required for your spell and confirm name spellings, etc…



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