Information needed to cast a spell

The following article is about the very basic information needed to cast a spell.

There are thousands of if not more “ways” to cast a spell.

But no matter what method you choose, all will require one or more of the very basic information, to be successful.

Whether you are casting a spell with me, someone else – or by yourself, there are fundamental details needed for the spell to be successful:

• The name of the person you desire to cast the spell on, their image, or description.

This is VITAL. Even if you do not know the persons’ name or what they look like, you need a list of “characteristics of traits” that describes the person.

For example: if you want to find your most suitable mate, but you haven’t met them yet – you don’t know their name, or have a photo of them, but you can DESCRIBE the type of person you desire and what your GOAL is (i.e. marriage, faithfulness, romance, etc…).

A photo is not a requirement to casting a successful spell – but it sure aids “target” the person if you have it.

• Clear goal of what you want the spell to do.
Here, many people trip themselves up. Its’ not about giving the spell step-by-step instructions about what you desire it to do, it is about KNOWING before hand what the main “target” of the spell should be.

Lets’ continue the example that you are single and wish to find the most compatible person for you – but you have not met them yet.

In this example: lets’ say you are seeking marriage. The goal of your spell should include “marriage” as a main ingredient.

You wouldn’t want to say you wish to “play the field” and flirt with many (although that could be a ‘step’ to finding someone). You would want to say you desire the spell to bring someone who is also ‘marriage-minded’ and seeking to settle down.

• Faith, patience and perseverance.

I know that we are living in a “fast-pace” world, where if we go to a store and there’s a line, we “sigh” with discontent.

I think one of the main reasons people get upset or discouraged is when their spell doesn’t happen “instantly”.

We all wish things could be instantaneous but sometimes, good food takes awhile to cook before we can eat it.

So it is with spells!

You want it to manifest “yesterday” – but in spell work like much of life, sometimes it is better to allow things to mature, grow and become “strong” enough to manifest for you to be able to enjoy it.

Yes, a baby in the womb can be born pre-maturely – but it may have health complications and if too soon, may not make it.

However, allowed to manifest in due time of 9 months, it has a better chance of surviving.

Same with spells. You don’t want an “instant” spell that works for a short-time.

You want the STRONG one that lasts and lasts and lasts!

Regarding “faith”, sometimes we are too close to a desired results and are nervous, afraid it won’t work or doubtful.

Your “emotions” may interfere with the spell results, and this is why people hire spell casters to do it for them (they are unattached to the results and only desire the success of the spell).

So if you feel that you need a third-party to cast the spell because your faith is wavering or you are unsure that it will work – don’t be ashamed. Get help. Hire a spell caster!

About perseverance – if at first you don’t succeed, try again is a true statement.

The best things in life are worth being patient and working towards and pushing forward to obtain it.

If you want to find love, persevere! Its’ an amazing feeling to have and share.

Don’t give up because “Johnny” or “Mary” didn’t feel the same way about you as you did them.

Whomever doesn’t love you back has “disqualified” themselves of being worthy of YOU!

Want money, prosperity and being able to sustain yourself and your loved ones? Persevere!

Strategize and work your plan to “make it”. The rewards will bless both you and others to come.

Want to look good and be healthy? Don’t give up just because you were tempted and ate that whole box of cookies (Cameo cookies from Nabisco are my downfall. 🙂 )

Tomorrow is another day that you can try again and get back on that diet or healthy living program.

The definition of perseverance is:

“persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.”

If you persist and keep working at your goals – you WILL transform your life.

I hope this video note on what you need to cast a spell is clear and helps you in your “do it yourself” spell casting efforts.

Remember, the magic is in YOU!

P.S. If you need help with your spells, head over to today perhaps I can be of service.