How To Contact Me:

Update March 4, 2021

To Current Clients: I have finished EVERY spell kit, spell casting order as of 2 AM today!

Spell kits will begin shipping between today Thursday March 4, 2021 and Friday March 5th 2021.

I have taken down the “contact” page because I just want to make sure everything goes out as quickly as possible! (Remember, I also videotape myself doing the spell kit if you ordered that one, and THAT is taking the most time now).

You will receive an email notification when your spell kit has been shipped (if applicable) your bonus tarot reading is done and a link to the video.

Thank you for your patience!

To Non-Clients Seeking Help: All spells are customized to what YOU desire to happen. If you are inquiring about hiring me to cast a spell, please go to:

then choose from 3 options (Do-It-Yourself spell kit with instructions, “DIY along with me Bella Isis” or “I cast it entirely for you”).

And I will contact you to get started right away!

I appreciate your support and patience I am but “one person” and pour all my heart, 5 decades of experience, and knowledge to EACH person who seeks my help.

Bella Isis