Dasa, this is what spirit told me regarding your reading about Penzance experience:

Choose what path you are going to take below:

Option #1: Let go of the past, find this life’s soulmate (but you might have to deal with Penzance in an another life! Penzance mans’ soul will find you! Its’ karmic relationship that will play out someday.)

With this option, you are only willing to just take a short-cut and find love, let the universe deal with Penzance mans’ soul. Cost of the full-blown spell is $350 and I will need your address to mail some cleansing baths.


Option #2: Confront the past & break the curse (also APOLOGIZES TO HIS SOUL – breaking all parts of the curse FOREVER). Seek Penzance man, get it out of the way so you can find solace in THIS life with your true soul mate “King of Cups”.

Option 2 you are confronting Penzance mans’ soul, making amends for your past life so that his soul can “move on” finding peace, while you also find peace and love in this life – and do not have to fear the next life with him again.

This breaks the “soul tie” between you. Your address will also be needed to mail a protective amulet to you discreetly.


Its’ a one-time payment, lasts a lifetime and you will get immediate benefit. If needed,  you can also pay in installments below:


*This is not a recurring payment. You will have to save this page to your favorites browser and come back to make another installment payment to pay off the balance.