Facebook Messenger

By popular request, I will begin also enabling contacting me via Facebook Messenger and if you prefer to make payments for psychic readings or spell work through Facebook Messenger, simply:

Step one: Add your debit card. In the Messenger app for Android, tap the Profile icon, then scroll down and tap Payments. In the iOS app, tap Settings, then Payments. Tap Add New Debit Card and complete that process.

Step two: Open a chat with the person you want to send money to or from whom you want to request money. Tap the little “more” icon in the toolbar; it’s the one with three dots in a rectangular box.

Step three: Tap Payments, then Next to bypass the info screen. By default, you’ll be in the Pay screen; enter an amount you want to pay that person and a note indicating what the payment is for. Then tap Pay and you’re done!

Note: as of this writing I believe it only works with debit cards.

Read instructions from Facebooks site:

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