Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really the same person on the Youtube channel “LearnSpellCasting”?

Yes! Thats’ me! I’m Bella Isis.

(Beware of impersonators! Do not send money them through cashapp or communicate with them via whatsapp! THIS IS MY ONLY OFFICIAL STORE along with www.MINTCANDLESHOP.com. You can only send payments to me on www.learnspellcasting.org and www.mintcandleshop.com!!! Protect yourself!)

Do spells REALLY work?

Yes. Otherwise no one would waste time nor money on them.

How come my spell hasn’t worked?

The answer is “yet”. We live in a fast-pace, fast-food ordered through an app on our phones or drive through.

But magick doesn’t work that way – well, it kind of does. Let me explain:

The moment the spell is cast, it goes into the person(s), places, experiences etc… you sent it to, to do the thing you told it to do (notice how I did not say “ask” it to do – in spell work, you are the creator, who are you begging???)

So, in a sense, it is working immediately.

But how long to see it manifest in your life depends on many factors, including but not limited to:

  1. What is it that you desire/how complex is it?
  2. Are there outside forces working AGAINST it coming to fruition? If so, this will “slow” things down a bit if not handled beforehand.

For example: say you desire to marry someone but that persons’ family HATES you or disapproves. Everytime your beloved mentions your name – the family makes it known you are NOT welcomed.

Do you think a spell can overcome the family objections? Sure! But it may take time.

Or maybe you cast a love spell on that hot guy/girl you are lusting over. But they seem to not be responding in the way that you would like.

Guess what? Maybe that person is actually shy and insecure and may not feel confident enough to make the first move!

So what a spell does (love spell for example) is it goes “inside” the person and works from the “inside-out”.

That is why some spells take longer than others. If a person you like is extrovert and flirty – they may quickly ask you out for a date. But if the person is unsure of themselves (or has had a bad experience before you) – they may need a little time.

I find that if people just give a spell TIME to work, it will! The main problem is that if the psychic or witch says “so and so will happen in X days”, and you don’t see it happen by that calendar date – you might lose hope and faith and think it didn’t work (when all along it was working and was just about to manifest)!

So it is up to you to decide whether you want to wait it out – or give up!