Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Are you really Bella Isis of the Youtube channel “LearnSpellCasting”?

Yes! That is me!

Do you own other websites/channels?

As of August 22, 2020 the only websites and channels I personally own and am affiliated with are: www.LearnSpellCasting.org, www.MintCandleShop.com, on Youtube: LearnSpellCasting, and AstroBella, and TarotBella, and on Social Media: Instagram, Facebook.

If you see any other site or channel using my name, images or videos – I do not have anything to do with them, and they may be trying to impersonate me. Be careful!

When will I receive my free tarot reading and/or love horoscope analysis and uploaded to Youtube? Is it “guaranteed” you will select my free question/information to upload to Youtube?

Because it is f-r-e-e, I anticipate many hundreds if not thousands of requests. I will read over each and every one of them and select the ones that are appropriate (you must be 18 years old, and not curse or use offensive language) – on a first come, first serve basis.

However, there is NO GUARANTEE that I will select your question for the free tarot reading or love compatibility analysis.

Why? Because I am a real old lady who was recently retired and need the help of my adult children to upload to Youtube, run the site, etc…

I will try to do my best with the time God has given me to help you.

If you need an urgent or faster reading/analysis, please do help me out to help you by purchasing it at my Shop.

I ordered a candle spell / settings of lights service from you and need to speak to you about it. How can I?

Please visit the “Contact” page at MintCandleShop.com

I would like to discuss a different type of spell for you to cast (or for you to teach me to do myself) – how can I contact you?

Please get a tarot reading, it is the best way for me to determine how to best help you.

If I purchase a tarot reading, candle spell, horoscope or any other service from you, will you keep my information private?

Yes! The only “public” information is if you request a free tarot reading or free love compatibility horoscope analysis.

All other purchases are kept 100% confidential and private for life!

Regarding Love Spells and Spell Casting:

Please watch this video for top questions related to this below.