Attraction Perfume

Love Perfume To Make Em Fall For You

This perfume’s aim is to cause someone “specific” that you already know and desire to desire you too.

You will need:

  • Your favorite cologne or perfume,

  • ground rosemary,

  • ground mugwort,
Mugwort usually available as dried leaves, use a mortar/pester to grind it up to a powder
  • OPTIONAL: (1) if you cannot be near the one you desire, then use a “photo” of the person with their name, written down 5 times in the box (for each of their five senses) and/or (2) a mortar and pester to grind up dried leaves into a powder.


Stand unobserved where your love lives or an area where they will be at, (a work-around is to do this with a photo of your desired one instead).

Now sprinkle some of the ground rosemary, mugwort powders onto your “power” hand (the one you write with), and add a spritz from your favorite perfume/cologne that you often wear.

Close your hands and “rub” them together – to generate heat, then add another sprinkle of the powders (in case it all clumped up).

Now either blow in the direction where they will come through (or on to their photo) saying:

“wandering wind carry my spell, make __[insert the persons’ full name]___ love me well, herbs and scent;

make __[insert the persons’ full name]_____ mind to see me,

make [insert the persons’ full name]_ love turn to me”.

Wear this perfume whenever you will be near them.

[Note: this spell was given to me by a very “witchy” Wiccan Priestess friend of mine]

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