Love Bath 2 – To Attract Love

Love Bath (2) – To Attract Love


Another love, attraction, beauty bath from my “Free Spells” series at

You will need:

  • Rose petals or drop rose oil,

  • ½ teaspoon of marjoram,

  • a pinch of rue,

  • rose quartz, or beryl stone,
Rose Quartz pieces
Red Beryl Stone
  • cheesecloth,

bath tub drain stopper (to prevent clogs),

candle (color either red or pink).

Light the pink (for romance) or red (for passionate relationship) candle in your bathroom.

Please ensure fire safety by placing it on a heat-proof dish or surface.

Pour all of the ingredients in the cheesecloth and fill your bath with water bath – remember to use the drain stopper to prevent clogs.

Place the cheesecloth (tied into a ball) in the bathwater and let it infuse the water with the essence of the contents in it.

Sit/lay in the tub.

Visualize the kind of lover you want and what type of relationship you wish to have.

Luxuriate and relax, continue to “daydream” about what you desire to happen. Know that the universe is listening!

Thank the universe, your “higher power” or whatever goddess/gods you prayed to and/or believe in that the spell is “complete.

Snuff out the candle (don’t blow out!).

Do not rinse or use soap!

Let this beauty/attraction bath stay on you for the rest of the night.

Even better yet, try to “go out” and have fun or go online and get that date!

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