Love Spell To Attract A Lover

Ask Oshun To Help Attract Love Spell

This spell calls for a sweet and romantic love affair, petitioning the Afro-Yoruba Goddess of Love, Oshun (also spelled Ochun).

Who Is Oshun/Ochun:


Oshun is  the river Goddess (known as one of the Orishas/Orisas), in the African Yoruba religion and is associated with:

  • Sweet, river waters,
  • Beauty,
  • Flirtation,
  • Femininity and coquettishness,
  • Charm and magnetism,
  • Fertility,
  • Romantic love, and
  • Sensuality.

She is also syncretized with the Catholic “Our Lady of Charity”, also known as “Our Lady of El Cobre”,  or in Spanish “Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre” or “la Vírgen de la Caridad”

A powerful goddess, she is also an excellent “witch” casting spells with powders, and on her negative side can be capricious, vain, and spiteful.

Pregnant women or those wishing to become pregnant can pray for her help and protection.

She IS honey itself, and when offering it to her, make sure to take a little “taste” of it yourself – re-assuring her it is NOT poison.

For the Spell You will Need:

  • A little prayer card or small statue of her Catholic syncretization “Our Lady of Charity”. You can “Google” it and print it out as well.

  • 1 Seven Day Yellow or Gold Candle (usually lasts about 5 to 6 days which is perfect) and matches or a lighter.

  • A honey jar with the honeycomb inside (and a plate to put the honeycomb, and a wet towel as your hands will get sticky!)

  • 5 sticks of cinnamon

  • At least 5 yellow flowers (her favorite are sunflowers but if out of season, any yellow flower will do).

  • A knife to make a slit in the honeycomb

  • The name of the person you desire written down on a piece of unlined paper. If you do not have anyone in mind, list at least 5 qualities of the type of soul mate you are seeking on the piece of paper.
“Mozart” 😉
  • A bell.


Gather all the above and place the photo or statue on a table facing you but standing upwards (in a picture frame or against a wall).

Place the yellow candle in front, but do not light it yet. Place the flowers to the right of the photo or statue. And now lets’ get to work on the spell!

Step #1: Open the honey jar and remove the honeycomb from it placing it on the plate.

Step #2: With your knife cut a slit in the honeycomb (large enough to fit the name paper, but not deep enough to split in half).

Step #3: Place the name paper inside of the honeycomb.

Step #4: Remove some honey from the jar, placing it on the plate, and surrounding the honeycomb with the name paper in it. Less than half of the honey will be enough.

Step #5: Take the 5 cinnamon sticks and place one around the honeycomb on top of the plate.

Step #6: Wipe your hands! Now, light the candle.

Next, take the bell and pray from the heart, speaking to the Goddess like you would a mom you are asking a favor from – with honor and respect.

For example, anything appearing in brackets [ ] means an action for you to do not say:

“Goddess, I place before you, your favorite colors, a yellow candle, yellow flowers, 5 cinnamon sticks, and, [with your finger taste a little bit of the honey] – honey with a honeycomb having the name of [speak aloud the name of the person you desire or the qualities of a lover you are seeking].

“Please bring to me [insert name or qualities sought] to me. Make him/her/they be …. [fill in your desires].

Final Tips:

Allow the candle to burn uninterrupted in a SAFE space. DO NOT BLOW IT OUT! If you must leave and are afraid of leaving it unattended, “snuff it out” instead of blowing it out by cutting off the oxygen (cover the jar with a heat-proof dish face up until the flame is extinguished). Re-light when you come back home.

Once the candle finishes burning, take the honeycomb and place it back in the jar, put the cinnamon sticks also in the jar (or break a little piece from each if it doesn’t fit and place it back in the jar).

Seal the jar and if the jar has a “tin” or metal cover, you can light yellow or white “small birthday candle

This is completely an additional optional step – not required but a nice touch if you feel like doing it until your desires manifest.

You may dispose of the flowers and remove them from this “mini altar” once they begin to fade in the trash.

Keep the honey jar near her photo until you get what you want. You can always dispose of it later once your desires have realized – or keep to “re-touch” the spell!

And remember to say THANK YOU and be respectful of this loving but very sensitive goddess – you DO NOT want to get on her “bad side”. Remember, she is doing you a “favor”.

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