Halloween Spell Casting

October 31st “Halloween Spell Casting” is done because it is the time during the year where it is said that the “veil” (thin wall) between our material world and the spirit world is at its’ thinnest.

This means, you can:

  • contact spirits and ancestors easier/easily,
  • contact deities of different pantheons so that they can answer your prayers,
  • – and manifest your desires through a spell!

Fun fact: a long time ago, I too personally cast a love spell on October 31st to find a mate.

I happen to like those passionate souls born of the sign “Scorpio”, so while I did not have someone specific inĀ  mind – I basically made my petition describing my ideal mate having all Scorpio like traits (I have heavy Pluto influences in my own natal chart).

Guess what happened? Back then, I was working as a temp secretary and was assigned to a new firm, where I met my future mate.

By the way, not only was he a Scorpio, he was born on Halloween! (R.I.P. Arthur and happy birthday!)

The Goddess confirmed she heard my prayers by giving me exactly what I had prayed for, and – sealed it with a “wink” (because he was born on that day!).

I offer free love spells and other types of spell on this channel, but you may be “afraid”, “unsure” or for privacy reason “cannot” cast one for yourself.

I am here!

If you are serious, over the age of 18 and truly have a hearts’ desire that you wish to manifest in your life – don’t miss this Halloween season to cast a very powerful, fast-working spell that will manifest!

Whether it be a spell for love, prosperity, protection and spiritual-well being, I personally believe that you can cast a spell at any time of the year, but “All Hallows Eve” (a/k/a “Halloween”) is simply the best night (in my humble and personal experience).

This Halloween is a special one for me. I will be celebrating with a full-blown, “high ceremonial magick” type of casting (I love the drama, the altar, the incense the whole thing!).

If you are sincere, serious and want a spell that actually works – why not get a custom spell cast personally by me?

It is NOT free though – just letting you know, that it will depend on what you desire, and how complicated your situation is.

But don’t worry – I understand we are all hurting financially now, so no “price gauging” here!

I offer payment plans so you can make a deposit today, and pay as you can so by Oct. 31, 2020 – I can cast your spell – the right way – that will get results!

I offer:

  • Free spell consultation to discuss privately your specific situation and needs.
  • Convenient interest-free payment plan if you need to split the payments.
  • Complimentary video taped tarot reading (at no additional cost) – uploaded to my website privately (for your eyes only).
  • Ritual item shipped (or if you cannot have anything sent to your home, please let me know as we can arrange a “secret” charm).
  • Custom Spell Casting (with photo-proof) on October 31, 2020!
  • 90 Day 100% satisfaction guarantee or FULL REFUND (less the cost of shipping ritual item if applicable).

Allow me to use my 4 decades (am I that old???) of experience in spiritual matters and solutions to assist you today!

Cast a spell for love, prosperity, removal of enemies, evil eye and black magick, to open your roads to success today!

Send me your confidential message (name(s), what you desire to happen with the spells aid) to:

Hope to speak with you soon!
Bella Isis