Holidays Half-Off

50% Discount If You Hire Me as Your Spell Caster!

Whether you need to cast 1 or two combined spells (example a break up spell to get rid of your love rival with a love spell to unite you with your beloved) – now is the perfect time to take advantage of this holiday 1/2 off special!

Combo Spell (two or more spells) Casting = $300 only $150!  
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One Spell (only) Casting = $97! CLICK HERE
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Note: I will personally cast your spell on my altar – no need for you to participate, within 24 hours of receiving all details!

Includes a VIDEO tarot reading by me, a $75 value at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Important: I can only guestimate now without a tarot reading when you will see results. Please wait until the tarot reading to be able to tell you with better approximation.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or FULL REFUND (less any shipping costs) with my 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.