Welcome to LearnSpellCasting.org!

Hi, I’m Bella Isis and you may have watched some of my Youtube videos on my channel: “LearnSpellCasting“.

I’m a real person who, until the global pandemic was retired and caring for my grand-babies.

Now, the world has changed, my children are taking care of their own children – and I have found a NEW way of expressing myself (I love doing tarot readings, horoscopes and love spells among others!).

Please allow me to assist you in achieving your life’s goals, guide you and give you a “peek” into your destiny.

I offer the following services:

Candle Spells – gentle, less expensive spells cast for you to attract, inspire and maintain love, prosperity, and all of life’s blessings at MintCandleShop.com

Custom Spells – need something stronger (darker???) – I MIGHT help (I do not cast negative spells – please check the Resources page for other spell casters involved with those types of spells).

Horoscope Analysis – yes, I love astrology and have been a hobbyist astrologer since 1985.

Tarot Readings – my favorite divination tool! Can provide email and video recorded sessions.

And of course, free how to cast spells / learn spell casting videos!

I am available to discuss privately your needs.

I only have 3 rules:

Rule #1: You must tell the truth – its’ the only way your spell and/or services can work.

Rule #2: This is a private, confidential “no judgement zone” – you can tell me anything! (I’ve seen and heard it ALL).

Rule #3: I only provide spells and services for adults age 18 and older. (Sorry, I do not cast spells for minors or on minors – unless you are their parent.)