Hello Leslie!

Apologies for the delay for the past 2 days my internet connection crashed, (I thought the world was going to end because it started around the same time Facebook and Instagram went down, lol).

So, instead of a 15-minute live chat, I have typed your reading here!

You asked:

(1) I had Someone do a love spell for me and it did not work. Why didn’t work ?

Answer to question 1

The real reason the spell did not work is because it was simply not strong enough.

This Man is a “fox” and he is very cunning. He has a strong will and not easily persuaded to do what you desire.

He found the relationship prospects with you to be a burden, something that he does not want to do. The truth is Leslie, you wanted MORE than he was willing to offer at the time.

The “mice” card suggests something was eating at him psychologically – he may have wanted something with you at one time but then he changed his mind “Crossroads” card, due to instinctively understanding you want the “happily forever after”.

So, in witch terms “the prior witch used the wrong BAIT to catch this fish”.

(2) Will the person I did it forever love me and choose me to be with me?

Cards after thorough shuffling answering question 2

Honestly? It is going to be tough.

Look at the cards in this reading before “The Man” card which symbolizes him.

“Whips” denotes bondage, “Bear” means a strong, stubborn powerful “Man” (which is the card).

You are symbolized by the “Lady” but underneath there is “The Snake” which symbolizes “The Other Woman”.

Is there a child in the way? Does he have a child with another woman?

Look, if you want him, be prepared for another woman to try to take him either “back” or “away” from you!

He again is hinted at being a “Fox” and that is the “Key”… you can’t do plain, ordinary love spells on him!

You need a LOVE BINDING SPELL that locks him to you.

He is also a charmer so you will always have jealousy issues of other women flirting with him!

And in today’s world, women send topless photos in dudes DM’s on Instagram, so its’ an uphill battle!

Leslie, do you love him with all of your heart and are willing to FIGHT for him?

Do you have the patience to stick things through – through the good, bad and ugly in a relationship with him?

The cards are indicating he’s SLICK – so it isn’t easy to pin him down, walk down the aisle and get him to say “I Do” in marriage!

This is not a spell that will work in 30 days… this is a breaking down of his will, and psychological seduction to make him stick to you – until “death do you part”!

So, if you are willing, then I’m willing to help. Otherwise, I won’t cast a spell for you if you think this is a one-shot deal and done!

If you need clarifications about the above, just ask.

Blessings and thank you for your patience! even today , I kept getting error messages because of my intermittent internet connection (I think)