Live Chat

New! Live Phone Call, Video Call &
Text-Based Chat!

By popular demand, you can speak with me – Bella Isis (from the Youtube channel) “live” using either:

  • Text-based chat (perfect if you are in a “roommate” situation or need privacy!)
  • Audio call (no need for video, you can simply speak via online “phone call”)
  • Video Call (watch me do the reading as you ask your questions “live”)

Available for a “flat-fee” (not per-minute)!

Cost for each service is based on how long you wish the live chat to be for:

$27 for 15 minute “Live” text, phone call. (Not available for video calls).

$67 for 30 minute “live text, phone or video calls.

You can also “book” appointments if I am not available.

The service is available at my new website:

All calls/texts/chats are 100% private – just you and I!

For your privacy, your bank statement or credit card statement will show the call was for “coaching” (in case your spouse, partner or parents have access to your expenditures and you do not want them to know it was for a psychic reading).

We can discuss anything! Spells, past, present or future events, relationship feelings, etc…

To access me “live” or book an appointment, visit my new site: – here!