Love Spells

Get Him/Her Back! Find Your “TRUE” Love!

A love spell can be a ritual, a prayer, or any “action” to influence a person, and/or meet someone that will be compatible with you and fall in love with you.

Love spells can also “force” someone into a relationship (that is more of a “domination spell”) – or cause the person to become so infatuated with you that they act like a love slave or “zombie” – where you can do no wrong in their eyes (also known as an obsession spell).

There are even love spells to “bind” someone’s soul to yours – so no matter what – they can never leave you! (known as “love binding spells” and “amarres de amor” Spanish word for “love tie”).

A love spell can also be combined with other types of spells to create the type of relationship you truly seek.

Examples include:

  • Money spell to cause your lover to be generous and buy you gifts, pay your rent, give you money etc…
  • Faithfulness spell to stop/prevent cheating.
  • Communication spell if they need to open up to you and be more expressive and demonstrative with their affections towards you – or if the communication between the two of you has stopped.
  • Forgiveness spell – if you want a 2nd chance and start “fresh”.
  • Breakup spell – if they are currently with or seeing someone else.
  • Marriage spell – if your goal is to walk-down-the aisle.
  • Divorce spell – if they are currently legally married to someone else.

The combinations are endless!

You just have to be real with yourself and know what it is your ultimate goal is for the relationship – what the current obstacles maybe (to address them when casting the love spell), and be PATIENT!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, a baby takes 9 months to be born into the world (healthily) and the best results of love spells aren’t “rushed” so the effects can last.

How long can a love spells’ effects last? It depends upon what you desire at the time of casting.

I’ve cast “temporary” love spells when the client wants to “test” the waters in a relationship.

I have also cast “permanent” love spells (love ties/love binding spells) – but I caution you against those.

Why? Because sometimes what you want now, is NOT what you will continue wanting later.

It is best to just cast a love spell to allow an opportunity for two people (or more, I’ve had polyamorous clients too!) – get to know each other and simply be with one another – until the relationship runs its course or until you decide you want “out”.

Much much safer!

And for all those wishing those “stalker-like love spells” Um, have you seen real news about stalkers who kill their victims?

Why on earth you want a CRAZY Obsessed Lover is beyond me!

What you mean is you want someone to love you passionately and intensely – not crazily! (Trust me, there is a huge difference).

You would want a person to love you with all of the love they have in their heart – without harm to anyone!

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