Speak with Bella Isis – LIVE

New Service! If you wish to speak with me “live” immediately, I am available starting January 5, 2022!

So exciting – and affordable!!!

What do I mean by “live calls”?

  1. Speak with me for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour – in real time!

  2. Choose whether you prefer an audio call (no dial up, its’ all online), text-based chat, or by video!

Many people HATE having to wait for an email reply or emailed reading – especially if you are across the world from me! (I am located temporarily in the West Coast – Los Angeles California, United States Pacific Time).

So, instead of waiting – you can now choose to speak with me in real time – whenever I’m glued to my computer! 🙂

You can also “schedule” an appointment if you prefer to have more control.

Read all about it at my new “Live” page!


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