Spell of the Day

Updates: August 27, 2020

Item #1: I will be uploading daily to Youtube and to this site a new feature called “Spell of the Day”.

These are “short” spells. Let me know if you like em!

Item #2: Also, Contact form is new and improved! (No more lost tickets).

However, because it is new, unfortunately old tickets got corrupted and are not in the database.

Please create a “new ticket” so I can help you.

Item #3: I’m shocked not more people as asking for a FREE tarot reading (will be made public on Youtube – maybe thats’ why).

So, for this week only, get a heavily discounted PRIVATE (for your eyes only) video recording of me answering your 1 to 5 questions – just $15! (normally costs $75!)

VIP Tarot Reading – Here!

(For a very very limited time only!)

Bella Isis