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2021 Astro-Tarot Reading!

Find out what is coming ahead in 2021 in your life, and manifest with a spell what you truly desire!

Combo astrological forecast + tarot reading for 2021!

50% OFF! 
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Select option below (to receive emailed text vs video recorded version):

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What’s in store for you in 2021?

Find out with your personalized “Astro Reading” today!

For the horoscope forecast, I will need your:

  • Month/Day/Year of Birth
  • City, State, (Province if applicable), Country of Birth
  • Optional: Time of birth “IF” you know the exact time (example 9:16 AM). If you do not know, do not guess – I will use the standard “Noon” time for uknown birth times.

For the tarot reading, please provide:

  • 1 to a maximum of 4 questions.

Your reading will be done personally by me, Bella Isis and a link to it provided by email.


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Emailed Text Reading, Video Recording