Youtube Tarot Reading


Get a FREE 1 Question Tarot Reading… and Bella Isis will upload it on her new Youtube channel -> “Tarot Bella”!

Rules To Receive Your FREE 1 Question Tarot Reading:

  1. You must Subscribe to TarotBella YouTube channel.
  2. If your question is selected, by requesting this reading you give Bella Isis 100% permission to publicly upload your reading and use in any of her websites, Youtube channels or affiliate sites.
  3. All “free” readings will be done and uploaded on a first come, first serve basis (there is NO guarantee of “when” you will receive it, or will be done and uploaded).
  4. You must be 18 years or older to request this free service.

Please read the additional description for important information concerning this offer before requesting this service.

FREE 1 Question Youtube Public Tarot Reading



Receive a FREE Tarot Reading on Youtube!

“Public tarot reading uploaded to Youtube”

Ask 1 question, and receive a FREE tarot reading – posted on Youtube – absolutely FREE!!!

How It Works:

  1. Provide your REAL birth date, and one (1) question for the reading.
  2. Bella Isis will record herself using tarot or other oracle and upload the analysis on her Youtube Channel “Tarot Bella”.
  3. Your free tarot reading will stay public, and you can see it at any time.

Public Tarot Reading

A short interpretation of the tarot cards (and/or other oracle) will be provided by Bella Isis – absolutely free.

By requesting this analysis, you are giving permission and consenting to making your free tarot reading public and posted on to Youtube, her website and any other media.

When Will You Receive It

Important: due to this being a FREE short tarot reading uploaded to Youtube, all reports will be done on a first come, first serve basis.

You will be notified privately via email with a link to your video when your report is ready on Youtube


If you wish to receive the free tarot reading, yet remain anonymous – use the “FAKE NAME” field in the form and provide a name you wish to be addressed by in the video (for yourself and/or your lover).

But for accuracy, please do provide REAL NAMES and REAL BIRTH DATE information to Bella Isis. She will not say real names in the video.

Your Video Will Stay “Public”

By requesting this FREE tarot reading, you are granting Bella Isis and Learn Spell Casting.org, and “Tarot Bella” Youtube channel, and affiliates FULL PERMISSION to upload and make public your free tarot reading permanently. (You cannot ask Bella Isis to “take it down” or remove it later.)

If you DO NOT want your free tarot reading information published – please PURCHASE A PRIVATE Tarot Reading here.


Do NOT use foul language or “fake names” that may be deemed offensive.

Remember, your free tarot reading will be placed in a public forum, where it can be viewed by anyone – including minors.

Due to time constraints and in anticipation of a large number of requests from viewers for this free service, there is no guarantee “when” you will receive it, nor that it will be done.

Ultimately, Bella Isis reserves the right to select which free tarot reading request to do and upload on her channel.