Love Horoscope Plus Love Candle Lighting


Christmas Sale! Get a love compatibility astrological analysis AND a love candle lit for you – 50% off!


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Compatibility Analysis plus Love Candle Spell
– lit for You!

On my altar, Bella Isis will do your personal love horoscope compatibility chart and light a “love candle” to unite you and your beloved in perfect love and perfect trust.

  • Want the real-real about your relationship?: Get an instant, proven in-depth reveal.
  • What’s the likely outcome?: Don’t waste more time on a relationship going nowhere.
  • Yes we need exact birth dates: These are needed for proven accuracy.
  • Don’t know birth time or place?: No worries! These are helpful but not required.
  • Free Love Spell Candle!: Plus a FREE love spell candle is lit for you – at no additional cost!