M. Merrie Consultation


Custom Spell Cast by Mambo Merrie –
with Bella Isis supervision!

Mambo Merrie will cast your custom spell for you within 24 hours of payment and receipt of your details!

Please fill out the form to expedite your spell casting.

To upload a photo, please do so in our support page located at: https://www.LearnSpellCasting.org/support (we only accept jpg, jpeg, gif or png. Maximum 2MB. Photos are NOT required but do aid the spell. When uploading, please make sure to include your name and the persons name you are casting the spell. Thank you.



Hi, I’m Mambo Merrie and I have 5 years going on 6 of Vodou religion experience. I am a high priestess Mambo Asogwe and am able to cast your spell for you – under the supervision of Bella Isis herself!

Simply fill out the form here, and I will contact you within 24 hours to review the spell details and also cast it for you!

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!

Note: 100% private and confidential. Even your credit/debit payment will show “Consultation” not “spell casting”!