Other Recommended Resources & Help

Below please find online resources and other spell casters and tarot readers.

I firmly believe we should all “share” and if I cannot help you, or if you cannot “do-it-yourself”, then consider the listings below (all verified sources) that may assist you further.

[Note: at the time of this writing these sites are up and running. I do not own nor am I affiliated with them and if they are not operational, or have changed, please Contact me and let me know so I can remove them.]

Dark Magic Spells – death spells, revenge spells, illness spells. – oh my friend no longer runs this due to illness. I keep it up (along with my prayers) hoping she will get better soon and get back to helping people, just like she always has! – former student of mine gone “rogue”. Casts satanic spells! (They do have talent, but I personally do not touch this stuff!) – cast “amarres” (love binding spells that works in this life and the next!), break up spells, revenge spells, you name it! – dark site. Casts “death” spells and the like. (Run by former Wiccan High Priestess turned to the “dark side”). – West African descendant out of New Orleans, cast spells based on West African magic. – Casts “High Cermonial Magick” spells in the European tradition. Run by a husband and wife (the wife is a former student of mine, gifted!)

Clairvoyant, Psychics and Tarot Readers – you will find oracle card readings, rune readings, fire readings (yes, she will go into a trance by fire and interpret and answer your questions) and lots more! Also sells crystals, angels, and tons more for your spiritual growth.

Books and Classes To Learn Witchcraft, Spells

All Magic Spells – is an online bookstore where you can download books on specific spells (like how to get your ex back).

Underground Witchcraft Secrets – mostly Wiccan based.

Witchcraft Manual – teaches spells but only “white magic” ones.