Candle Lighting

Candle Lighting Spell Services

Sometimes, you cannot light a candle for yourself at home due to privacy issues, having small pets (which could be harmed when left alone with lit candles) – or other reasons.

Or perhaps, you are casting a spell yourself at home, have hired someone else to do it for you – and only want us to “back up your work” by also lighting a candle for you as well.

We will light your prayer candles on your behalf – on our altar, for the specified length of time you desire (1 candle, 7 candles, 13 candles).

Each of our candles is “prepared” with the appropriate herbs, oils, and intentions that match your specific desires (example: for love, for money, to break up, to bless, to protect, to buy real estate, to find a job, for success, etc…).

Our candles are approximately 8 inches tall and are of paraffin wax, burning anywhere from 5 to 7 days.

When asking for multiple candles to be set for you – it means that we will set a candle right after the first one completed burning.

For an additional fee, we will provide you with an emailed report and photo of your candle once it has finished burning and an interpretation of the “condition” of the glass (i.e. did it burn cleanly or was there was black soot left) – which has divinatory implications concerning your candle spell.

To get started, we have a separate website to handle all of your candle spell lighting petition requests at Mint Candle Shop. (Owned and operated by Bella Isis of

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