Custom Spells Cast For You

If you are seeking professional, experienced spell caster that can help you manifest your goals and dreams look no further!

With 40+ years experience helping thousands of people of all races, nationalities and religious backgrounds, I am available to assist you in making your dreams come true.

I offer spells to adults age 18 and older (or to parents of minors in certain situations), custom-tailored to your specific needs.

Spell Casting in two flavors (but all custom-made to suit your situation):

For “gentler, less expensive” spells – try my Candle Spells at MintCandleShop.com. Working with the element of air and fire, candle spells are full-blown spells that I also offer divination with to let you know how your spell is going.

Or, if you need something “stronger” (perhaps even considered manipulative and darker such as spells to break up a homewrecker) – then I do offer customized spells working with my spirit guides and tried-and-trued methods to bring about change on both a spiritual and earthly plane.

These would be considered your more “coercive” spells [you would be imposing your will regardless of others’ feelings or perspective].

However, please understand I do not cast “death spells”, “revenge spells” or spells to wish illness on others!

Check out the Resources page for those types of spells.

The most I will do is a “reverse the curse” type of spell where the harm is removed off from you and goes back to whomever sent (and includes a shield of protection on you and your loved ones so no further “attacks” will harm you from that person).

Your situation maybe unique and may qualify for my help – even if considered more on the “black magic” side.

Please send me a message privately in the Contact page to discuss your situation.

I will honestly let you know if I can assist you – or not.

Important Note: Custom Spells that are not “Candle Spells” (only spells that use candle magic) cost more and are based on the time it takes to complete.