Twisted Love Spells

Twisted Love Spells

Did you know there is such a thing as “twisted love spells”?

Most people think of a love spell as something to acquire romantic and passionate love, devotion, fidelity long-lasting marriage etc…, but there are love spells with a different motive… “revenge”!

The human experience is very very different than that of the animal kingdom.

Animals show love, lust, mating instincts, anger and even loyalty.

But I think we are the only mammals that also display feelings of “getting back” at someone who have hurt us in the past!

Enter the “Revenge Love Spell”

This type of spell is to FORCE someone into feelings of obsession, lust, passionate love to the point they will do whatever you want – even to the point of humiliation.

It can also be disguised as “domination spells” with the specific component that the person or “victim” of the spell be under one’s control or “feet” – even if we don’t love them.

Let me tell you about a case I personally know:

The lady, lets’ call her “Mary” and her ex live-in boyfriend “Gary”, were happy until he found a sexy, hot mama who moved in the apartment above them.

One day Mary discovered that water from the upstairs bathroom was falling profusely into their bathroom, and afraid that the ceiling would cave in, she asked her boyfriend Gary to go upstairs and alert the neighbor. (It was a holiday weekend and the buildings’ maintenance/superintended was unavailable).

Gary went upstairs and knocked really hard at that apartments’ door, and when it opened, there stood the new neighbor “Linda” standing dripping wet, with a small towel that barely covered her genitals and breasts.

He explained what was happening and she promptly stopped the bubble bath. She led him inside her apartment and said she had just moved in.

According to Mary, Linda had no panties on. She “bent over” and Gary got full-view of Linda’s private parts! (He told her as he described what had happened, when he returned home).

Of course Mary’s “woman instincts” rang an alarm that this hot-mama Linda, was a tramp! Who does that in front of a strange man? She wanted to get to know her new “neighbor”.

The next day, Linda knocked on Mary/Gary’s apartment to apologize with a bottle of wine for letting run the bath water to overflow.

Linda was dressed in “booty shorts and a tank top”. She was definitely trying to get Garys’ attention.

Months past and Gary would “volunteer” to check the mailbox in the buildings’ lobby, go out and take the trash out a little “too often”.

Gary was actually having sex with Linda upstairs!

How did Mary find out? She told Gary she was going to a business conference out of town one weekend but it was all a setup.

She left, but then returned home and waited in the stairwell above Lindas’ apartment to “spy” if Gary or Linda would meet.

Sure enough about 2 hours later, Gary went “upstairs” to Linda’s apartment.

So, Mary went back to her own apartment and went to her bedroom.

Lets’ just say all apartments had creeky wood floors and you guessed it – Gary and Linda were rocking the bed upstairs and you can hear faint moans of Gary saying “Oh Linda, you’re the best”!

After they finished, a “lucky” break happened, Mary observed out of her window that the pizza guy was making a delivery inside of the building.

She ran to her door to see if the delivery was to the upstairs apartment and it was!

So, Mary went behind the pizza delivery guy, and as he knocked, Mary stood behind him saying she was also going to Linda’s house.

Gary, with a towel around his waist opened the door! And his eyes almost popped out when he saw his live-in girlfriend Mary – standing behind the pizza delivery guy!

All hell broke lose! Cops were called. It was bad.

Do you know what was worse? The apartment that Gary and Mary lived in, was in HIS name! He asked her to move out!

Well, devastated, Mary moved-out. But never forgot how Gary treated her like trash.

For months she simply could not forgive him or let go.

One year to the day, she decided to cast a revenge spell on them, when she saw a Facebook posting they were engaged!

So, she contact someone I ahem, know intimately and requested a break up spell.

Upon further discussion I (um, the “spell caster”) asked if she still loved Gary, and she confessed she was boiling mad at him – no not love, she wanted REVENGE!

She really wanted him to crawl back to her, apologize, end his relationship with the hot-mama, and then she would take her revenge on him and expose him for the fool he was.

The spell was cast – a twisted “revenge” spell that did cause him to separate from the girl upstairs, beg Mary to come back and she even got to stay at his place (it was Rent Controlled unit paying a “fraction” of what most apartments cost.

In fact Linda the hot-mama, had told the owners she was giving up her apartment and due to a clause on her lease, she still kept it because otherwise she would have to pay the months remaining until her lease expired.

She and Gary had planned to sublet it but it wasn’t allowed in the building. So, as soon as her lease expired, the would move in together in Gary’s apartment to save money!).

There all three lived and would see one another DAILY: Mary, Gary and Linda upstairs!

Mary took GREAT pleasure in kissing Gary in front of Linda.

Linda finally moved out (apparently not being able to take the “torture” of Gary replacing her with Mary) – even paying the remaining months to not have bed credit with the other landlords.

Then, once Mary was in total control, the humiliation began.

See, Mary’s spell had a domination component where she would openly flirt with other men – right in front of Gary!

She would publicly humiliate him verbally in front of his friends, family, co-workers and neighbors!

Everyone was concerned, yet Gary “couldn’t leave” (it was the spell that forced him to take it any way she dished it).

Finally one morning, Gary came home unexpectedly because there was a fire in the subway system and it had to be evacuated – only to find his best friend in between his girlfriend (Mary’s) legs!

A fight broke out, and Gary got pummeled by his best friend who was a part-time boxer.

The cops were called, Gary lost his lease and Mary “kept” a rent controlled apartment in a lovely area of Manhattan NY.

(Owners’ got tired of Gary’s shenanigans, and since part of the spell was for Mary to be put on the lease finally – she was allowed to stay, but he had to go!).

Did the spell work? Yes.

Did Gary fall back in love with Mary? Yes.

Did Mary get the ultimate revenge with a “twisted revenge love spell”? You bet!

But this has to be done carefully and by a professional.

Why? Because things could’ve gone wrong. (For example Linda could have beat up Mary, Gary could have beat up Mary for cheating with his best friend – or worse, etc…).

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