Powerful Love Spell DIY

Do It Yourself video on Love Spells How To Cast Powerful Dominating Spell to: make them fall in love with you, Bring Your Ex Back, make them stay with you, buy you gifts and “bend over” to your wishes. Complete spell shown step-by-step.

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I will be making videos teaching you how to make your OWN oils for love and other types of spells.

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The items needed to cast the spell in the video (and where to buy them):

– Red candle to represent your lover/desired person
(can be male/female shaped or plain “regular” candle)
– Lighter
– 2 red rose petals
– incense and incense holder
– 5 “Juniper Berry” seeds
(Buy at Amazon or local herbal shop)
– 1 teaspoon of “Damiana” leaves
(Buy at Amazon or local herbal shop)
– 2 small cinnamon sticks
– 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon powder
– 1/2 teaspoon of “Orris root powder”
(only if you are female; if you are male, substitute with “High John Conqueror powder”)
– small purple charm/spell bag
– 2 natural lodestones (not man-made magnets) and grit (usually comes with this)
(Purchase at Amazon or local occult store, or check online, small sizes best. Oval represents females, pointy oblong ones represent males)
– 5 Oils representing what you desire in the spell.
[Note: I will be making a separate video on how to create your OWN oils, but the ones used in this video were purchased years ago at http://www.LuckyMojo.com​ – a little lasts a long time!]

Purchase on my online shop – here!
Oils used in video:

Dixie Love, Return Lover, Stay With Me, Cleo May, Bend Over
– Heat-proof/safe dish for candle.
– Optional: gloves (in case you are allergic or sensitive to the oils/herbs.)

If you want do not want to cast this spell yourself, Contact me if you wish to hire a professional spell caster to do it for you.