Viewers Gift from Bella


Received over 150 requests!!! Will spend the rest of this year and probably in January fulfilling the free gifts!

Once again THANK YOU so much for all the loving words, the testimonials that my free spells on Youtube WORKED!

I am so excited because our Youtube Channel is almost at 100,000 Subscribers – Yay! 🙂

So, to celebrate and to thank you so much for helping me reach that special milestone – here’s my “Gift” to anyone that wants it:


  1. FREE D.I.Y. Spell Advice (need to cast a custom spell? I’ll tell you what to do!)
  2. FREE Horoscope For The Year 2022 (need birth dates/place of birth)
  3. Secret Santa Surprise (but only if you leave me some milk and cookies on the form!)

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukah!
Happy Kwanza!
Happy Holidays!


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