Whats New August 2020

Welcome to the new and improved!

Updates for August 22, 2020

  1. New Shop! Get your tarot readings, horoscopes and more online.
  2. New Youtube Channels! Please subscribe to AstroBella and TarotBella to get personal FREE goodies!
  3. New Youtube Schedule! Daily uploads!
  4. Upcoming Class! I am developing several classes to teach you how to develop your psychic abilities and more – stay tuned!
  5. New Contact Form! I’ve removed the old ticket system and now offer a “chat” version. If I am not available at the moment to speak with you live, you can leave me a message in the chat form.
    *** For “current clients” to reach me you can use that form too.
  6. Free Videos! I will be uploading all of my Youtube videos here.