Custom Spell Cast For You

  • You do not have to be present nor participate!
  • Bonus 20 minute live tarot reading or, emailed (if different time-zones).
  • 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee – or FULL REFUND! (I have 49 years of experience and know what works!)

Begin by choosing which one you wish to cast. For your privacy, your credit card or bank statement will show you purchased a “course” – and NOT anything to do with spell casting or psychic services.

Option #1: White Magick Spell; one-time fee $350


Option #2: Black Magick Spell; one-time fee $1650


After payment, please reply to my email with the details to begin casting your spell immediately.

All information you provide is kept 100% private and confidential and is deleted from our servers after payment and printout.